As most of you (well at least some of you) know we began our journey with our quirky ‘Dolly Bus’ when Steve (aka Steven the Vegan) and I had a burning desire to take hearty, tasty and nutritious vegan food to the people, its something we know we missed every time we went to a market or a festival – good clean plant based food ~ so we found dear Dolly in a truck sale yard here in Geelong and for me it was love at first sight (Steve wasn’t so convinced – he even had ideas about an ex rugby team bus!!

OMG…sweat & testosterone everywhere!! 🙂 In a relatively short time ‘Dolly Bus’ shone with her colourful funky vibe. Thankfully we had lots of help and great people supporting us as she became the beauty she is now.

I’d like to share the fundamental reason that Steve & I have made so many decisions that have lead us to this place. We believe that although we humans with our great big brains have created so much (and it boggles the mind just how much~ from fire & wheels to internet & space ships!) we have also lost a lot along the way too. In many cases we seem to have lost our ability to co exist and to empathise with other species (and even other humans!)

The result of this lost ability (really it’s a lost connection with our heart) is that often we just ‘don’t see’ what the consequences of our life style choices are. Steve & I feel that just maybe the time is right to make the changes to begin living consciously again (like right now! – to quote Philip Wollen “If not now then when? and if not by us then who?)

Over the next X amount of blogs lets delve into just how many positive changes we can create by simply making more compassionate choices about what we choose to put on our dinner plate 🙂 I’ll start us off with #1 Every time you choose a plant based meal over a meat based meal you potentially save 45,000 litres of water! Until next week ~

Have a week that engages, fulfills and excites you AND come and say Hi at Dolly’s Sister.