Simply Vegan Cuisine’s “Dolly Bus”

We began our journey with Simply Vegan Cuisine and our quirky ‘Dolly Bus’ when Steve (aka Steven the Vegan) and I (Lisa) had a burning desire to take hearty, tasty and nutritious vegan food to the people, it’s something we know we missed every time we went to a market or a festival – good clean plant based food.  So we found dear Dolly in a truck sale yard here in Geelong, and for me it was love at first sight (Steve wasn’t so convinced – he even had ideas about an ex rugby team bus!).

In a relatively short time ‘Dolly Bus’ shone with her colourful funky vibe. Thankfully we had lots of help and great people supporting us as she became the beauty she is now. Dolly Bus came together in a blur of excited activity – stripping out, decking out, jazzing her up with colourful artwork on the panels and in amongst all that – getting mechanically sound. It all came together so quickly (considering it was a case of 2 steps forward and 1 step back most of the time – we’d deck out another bus in half the time with the benefit of hindsight).

Dolly’s first real gig was at the Bell Street Fiesta on the 14th of October 2014. WOW! What an awesome day – we had a fantastic time. So much amazing feedback was a real indicator that we were on the right track; there were lots of people happy to see our hippy vegan bus on the road that day. Dolly became a regular from that moment at markets all around the Bellarine –  Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Cowrie Market (Torquay) & Portarlington.

We had our first really big date at Queenscliff Music Festival and the Dolly Bus spent much of summer parked in the car park at Barwon Heads (Ocean Grove side of the bridge) and many of you may remember seeing us there (we’re pretty hard to miss!). Over the summer months we applied for and were  accepted at many more major events – World Vegan Day ~ Arty Farty Festival (Banyule) ~ Vegecarian Festival (Bendigo) ~ Conscious Living Festival ~ We Love Life Festival ~ Great Australian Beer Festival plus many more.

Watch the Dolly Bus in action here: