About Us

Dolly’s Sister Vegan Cafe & Bar is the result of the most amazing reception by the public of Simply Vegan Cuisine’s “Dolly Bus” – Australia’s first fully vegan mobile food van. So, why did we create the Dolly Bus and Dolly’s Sister? 

We believe that although humans, with our “great big brains” have created so much (and it boggles the mind just how much), we have also lost a lot along the way too. In many cases we seem to have lost our ability to co-exist and to empathise with other species (and even other humans!). The result of this lost ability (really it’s a lost connection with our heart) is that often we just don’t “see’ what the consequences of our lifestyle choices are. Steve and I feel that just maybe the time is right to make the changes to begin living consciously again (like right now!) – to quote Philip Wollen, “If not now then when? and if not by us then who?”.

It’s worth noting that every time you choose a plant-based meal over a meat based meal you potentially save 45,000 litres of water!

After the success of the Dolly Bus our next move was one of two things:

  1. Hire a commercial kitchen or
  2. Open a café

Well, we put it out there – we told our customers that we’d probably have to think about hiring a commercial kitchen and even without us suggesting the other option, people kept saying OPEN A CAFE! We even had people offering to support us financially if we agreed to open a cafe in their town/suburb! The rest, as they say…is history.

We are passionate vegans who believe that food should be kind, compassionate, sustainable, healthy and incredibly tasty. Dolly Bus & Dolly’s Sister serve delicious hot hearty home cooked meals and also amazing raw living dishes. Dolly’s Sister is a cafe bar with a funky twist. It is a hub for social justice groups to hold their meetings and for new people to broaden their awareness of animal welfare and environmental issues.

Organic vegan wines and crisp tasty boutique vegan beers are on offer as well as divine smoothies, juices, organic soft drinks, teas and range of Barista made coffees – choose from soy, almond , rice & oat milks! Dolly’s Sister has a warm inviting atmosphere and fun, caring staff to look after you and make you feel extra special! Opening hours provide locals and visitors with brunch, lunch & dinner options.

Thank you to the Dolly’s Sister community for being a huge part of our story.